When was Britain founded?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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If you mean when did it have humans settled on it, dates go back to and possibly before Roman times.

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Q: When was Britain founded?
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When was the AA founded in Britain?

There are two different AAs in Britain. The first is the Automobile Association. It was founded in 1905. The other AA is Alcoholics Anonymous. It wasn't founded in Britain. It was founded in the United States.

What country founded Singapore?

Britain took control of Singapore.

What country was table tennis founded?


Britain in 1946-50?

nhs was founded

The 13 colonies were founded and controlled by which European country until 1776?

The 13 colonies were founded and controlled by Great Britain until 1776.

When was the Professional golfers association founded?

The PGA (Great Britain and Ireland) was founded in 1901. The PGA of America was founded in 1916.

What European country founded the US?

Britain! The American Revolution.

Was there plans for Britain to be part of the US?

Britain founded and ruled the US for many years. The US was meant to be part of Britain not the other way round.

Why Great Britain founded the colonies?

for religious, social, and economic freedoms

When was the RAC Club founded?

The RAC Club, abbreviated for the Royal Automobile Club, was founded on August 10, 1897 in Britain. Frederick Richard Simms was the founder of the RAC Club, the oldest motoring organization in Britain.

When was The Morgan Motor Company founded?

The Morgan Motor Company was founded in 1909 or 1910 depending on the source one looks at. It was founded by Henry Frederick Stanley Morgan in Britain.

Was Boston in Britain in the colonial times?

No Boston was not yet founded when Britain in the colonial times it was founde later on around the 1800's