When was queen nzinga born?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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born 1581 and died December 17th in the year 1663

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Q: When was queen nzinga born?
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Where was Queen Nzinga born?

She was born in Ndongo now called Angola

Did queen nzinga have any sisters or brothers?

Yes Queen Nzinga did have siblings

Queen Nzinga Quotes?

"Those who are slaves to their appetites get toended by them." - Queen Nzinga

About queen nzinga in the Middle Ages?

Queen Nzinga did not live in the Middle Ages, but a bit later. You can get information about her by using the link below.

Who was the English Queen alive when Queen Nzinga was ruling?

it was queen elizabeth

When was Nzinga Blake born?

Nzinga Blake was born in 1981.

Who did Queen Anna Nzinga marry?

She did not marry.

Did queen Nzinga have any family?

Yes .

Why was Queen Nzinga Famous?

Because she was a Queen

When was Daniel Ntongi-Nzinga born?

Daniel Ntongi-Nzinga was born in 1946.

When was Christian Nzinga born?

Christian Nzinga was born on 1985-06-12.

When did queen nzinga die?

she died around 1581