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Drakensberg Mountains, translated from Afrikaans to English as 'Dragon Mountains', are the highest mountains in the Republic of South Africa.

They are made of basalt and sandstone and form a chain running up the eastern escarpment of South Africa

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The Drakensberg mountains are located in South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland.

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Q: Where are the Drakensberg mountains located?
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What is Difference between atlas mountains and Drakensberg mountains?

The Atlas Mountains are located in North Africa, primarily in Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia, while the Drakensberg Mountains are located in South Africa. The Atlas Mountains are more extensive and span across a larger area compared to the Drakensberg Mountains. Additionally, the Atlas Mountains are known for their arid climate and diverse flora and fauna, while the Drakensberg Mountains are characterized by their stunning cliffs and escarpments.

What country has the drakensberg mountains?

The Drakensberg Mountains are located in South Africa. They form the eastern portion of the Great Escarpment, which separates the high central plateau of South Africa from the coastal lowlands. The Drakensberg is a popular destination for hikers and nature enthusiasts.

What country did cape town drakensberg mountains Johannesburg in?

They are all located in the Republic of South Africa

Does Drakensberg Mountains have snow?

Yes, the Drakensberg Mountains in South Africa do receive snowfall in winter, typically between June and August. Snow is most common at higher elevations of the mountains, such as in Lesotho where ski resorts are located.

What is the difference between atlas mountain and drakensburg mountain of Africa?

Drakensberg is found in north Africa. Atlas in d south. Also,atls are fold mountains whereas d south east plateau crated drakensberg

How did the Drakensberg get its name?

Because of its mountains

Which country are the Drakensberg and Great Karroo Mountains found?

The Drakensberg and Karoo ranges are found in the Republic of South Africa, though the Drakensberg extend into Lesotho and Swaziland as well.

What is the southernmost mountain range in south Africa called?

Drakensburg 3482 meters 11424 ft, its so large it is possible to see it from space.

Where is the tallest waterfall called the Tugela located?

The Tugela Falls, the second tallest waterfall in the world, is located in the Drakensberg Mountains in South Africa. It has a total height of 948 meters (3,110 feet) and is a popular destination for hikers and nature enthusiasts.

What are the mountains called that the British weren't allowed to pass?

The Drakensberg range

Where is the Drakensberg located?

Southern Africa, inland of the east coast, about 200km inland. Look on a map for the little country Lesotho. Its situated in the middle of the Drakensberg Mountains.

Where is Tungela falls located?

Republic of South Africa: more specifically, in the Drakensberg (Dragon's Mountains) in the Royal Natal National Park in KwaZulu-Natal Province.