Where did Megellan explore?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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the strait of megellan

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Q: Where did Megellan explore?
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How sent Ferdinand megellan to explore?

Spain sent him.

Did Ferdinand Megellan have a brother?


Who is Ferdinand Megellan?

He was a potuguese Sailor

When was megellan born?

he was born in 1480

Is the megellan roadmate cheaper than a garmin gps?

The prices of megellan roadmate and garmin gps differ depending upon where you purchase them. The prices fluctuate by store. Therefore, the megellan roadmate is cheaper than garmin gps in some stores.

Did megellan come before Christopher Columbus?

No after.

How many voyages did megellan take?

he took one

What Three questions did megellan hope to answer on his voyage?


Where was ferdinand megellan born?

he was born in lasboro Portugal

Which spanish explorer discovered the south of Chile in 1529?


What tools did Ferdinand Megellan use?

guns and other things

Who was Ferdinand Megellan?

The first man to give his wife an orgasim!