Where did Snefru rule?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Where did Snefru rule?
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Who was snefru's father?

Snefru's father was Huni

How long did snefru rule?

About 2613 B.C.E to 2589 B.C.E I mean come on I'm 11 and I even I knew that

Where is snefru now?

Snefru is in the Underworld.... That was a very stupid question...

Did anyone ever find king snefru's body?

no they did not find all of themthe pharaoh snefru

How did king snefru die?

It is unknown where or even exactly when Snefru died.

What impact did snefru have on Egypt?

Snefru was the first king of the Fourth Dynasty. He was a kind and benign ruler. He was the successor of his father, Suni.

When was snefru born?

the pharaoh snefru was born on 2635 bc and died on 2589 bc

Where did snefru live?

in ya mum

Who was snefru's successor?

his successor was Khufu

Did Pharaoh snefru have 3 sons?


Who was king snefru?

ancient Egypt pharaoh

What was the nickname of snefru's pyramid?

the red pyramid