Where did monkeys come from?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Where did monkeys come from?
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Can monkeys get pregnant?

yes that's where monkeys come from other monkeys getting pregnant

Are humans from monkey?

Well, Monkeys and apes are from the same ancestors. We are not from monkeys.

Were did monkeys come from?

there mom

Where do howler monkeys come from?

monkeys come from other momkey that made them and that's why momkey do what humen do when they have a monkey in there belly

Do monkeys come in mobs packs or troops?

It's called a troop of monkeys.

How do you get monkeys to come to your animal crossing wild world town?

you can't get monkeys

When are monkeys born night or day?

monkeys are born wherever they are ready to come out

How come that the bonobo monkeys has a HIV?

Only humans can have HIV's Monkeys have SIV's.

Where do finger monkeys come from?

the jungle

Did humins come from monkeys?


How many sea monkeys come in a pack?

ten sea monkeys come in one pack. This is my hypothesis but I truly believe there is ten

Do spider monkeys come out during the day or night?

Spider monkeys are active during the day.