Why do monkeys have a tail?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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To keep their balance.

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Q: Why do monkeys have a tail?
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What are the different of monkeys and apes?

Monkeys are small and have a tail Apes are larger and don't have a tail

How long is a snow monkeys tail?

A snow monkeys tail is usually around 1.2 meters long.

How does a monkeys tail help them survive?

A monkey's tail acts as a counterbalance when they perform tight lateral turns. Some monkeys use their tail as a third arm, hanging from branches by the tail.

The monkey with the longest tail in the world?

the spider monkey has a long tail to grip onto things :) and they are very cute too!

What are monkeys with a tail are called?

Well, if this answers your question, Big 'Monkeys' such as Gorillas and Chimpanzees don't have tails, but they are actually called Apes. Most 'monkeys' who have a tail are called monkeys.

Why do monkeys have a tail but not an ape?

Because apes body weight is to heavy for a tail

How do sea-monkeys breathe?

They breath from their tail.

Does apes have a tail?

No they have no tail because they are not monkeys -hope this helps your with your question!

How many legs do monkeys have?

Monkeys have four legs, two used as arms, two solely as legs.

How long is thee monkeys tail?

It depends on the monkey

What are remnants of useful anatomical structures?

Your appendix is very useful in some mammals. It is vestigial organ in humans. Another is your tail bone. It is remnant of tail in monkeys. Tail is very important for the monkeys for balance on trees.

African monkey parts?

African monkeys have the same parts as other monkeys. These monkeys still have legs, arms, a head, and tail just like other monkeys.