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The aryan invaders settled in the ganges river valley:)

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Q: Where did the Aryan invaders settle?
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Why did the Persians settle in Iran?

The Persians are the indigenous people of Iran and the descendants of the Aryan invaders who came into the area around 3500 years ago. They did not "choose to settle in Iran", but rather it was where they lived as far back as memory serves.

Where did the Aryans invade?

The aryan invaders settled in the ganges river valley:)

What important contributions did the aryan invaders make to the culture and way of life in India?

Religion was one of the most important contributions made by Aryan invaders. Their religion combined with the Indian religion resulted in Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism.

Where in India did aryan settle?

Ganges River Valley

Who are the fierce invaders from central Asia?

The Aryan invasion as the cause of breakup of the Harappan civilization.

How did the aryan invaders influence the culture?

The Aryans overthrew the stone forts of the Dasyu and drove them into retreat, in very ancient times.

Most of your information about the early Aryans comes from?

A western tribe of ancient India records the account of invaders from the north that we know as Aryan babrarians.

Settlers chose to settle in Rome because something gave them protection from invaders What gave them protection?

The Seven Hills

What are people who settle on unoccupied land without a legal claim called?

They are typically referred to as squatters or land invaders.

What major contribution did aryan invaders make to modern Indian society?

Aryans never invaded India. As pastoral people they moved towards south and mingled with the people aleady living there

What did Adolf Hitler call his super race?

The Aryan race.

Australia invaded or discovered?

The first European "discoverers" of Australia were the Dutch. They were not invaders, as they did not settle the land, nor did they see any value in capitalising on what they saw as its limited resources.