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Q: Who were the foreign invaders that attacked both the Hittites and the Egyptians?
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Egypt was vulnerable to foreign invaders?

no, because the egyptians fought back.

What contributed to the downfall of both the Han and Roman Empires?

Both empires grew too large to protect.

Why did the ancient Egyptians have an army?

They were the nominal war leaders. Sometimes the fought personally, more and more they left it to their generals.

What group of proteins mark foreign invaders and attract phagocytes to destroy them?

B cells release antibodies that attach to foreign invaders and mark them for destruction by phagocytes.

What marks foreign invaders and attracts phagocytes?

Foreign invaders are marked by antigens on their surface, which attracts phagocytes like macrophages and neutrophils. These phagocytes recognize the antigens as non-self and engulf the invaders through a process called phagocytosis, helping to remove them from the body.

Is inflammation is a local response to foreign invaders?

Yes it is!! In my Science book it say Inflammation is a local response to invaders.

What disaster caused the Chinese to develop mathematics?

Foreign invaders

How do you neutralize foreign invaders?

Foreign invaders can be neutralized through various means such as strengthening the immune system, using medication to target specific pathogens, and implementing quarantine measures to prevent their spread. It's important to consult healthcare professionals for guidance on the most effective strategies for neutralizing specific foreign invaders.

Foreign invaders have proteins called?

Foreign invaders have proteins called antigens that are recognized by the immune system as non-self. This recognition triggers an immune response to eliminate the invading pathogen.

Where the Romans good rulers after Cleopatra's death?

Yes, the Romans were actually better than other foreign invaders of Egypt. Under the Roman rule the Egyptians were ruled by Roman law and the old Greek/Egyptian separation was eliminated.

What did the Egyptian show about their religious beliefs about building pyramid?

Pryamids show that Egyptians believed in the afterlife. Egyptians built pryamids to protect pharoahs from Nile floods, wild animals, and foreign invaders. Pyramids contained a person's mummified body, their spirit, and their old possesions, along with various items to help them in the afterlife.

What is one tradition for Afghanistan?

Never be beaten by foreign invaders - and they never have.