Where did the Tartars live?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The Tartars lived in the area that was known as the Russian Empire which included 3 continents. They lived mainly in central Asia.

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Q: Where did the Tartars live?
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What is the duration of The Desert of the Tartars?

The duration of The Desert of the Tartars is 2.33 hours.

When was The Desert of the Tartars created?

The Desert of the Tartars was created on 1976-10-29.

What is Muslim population in the Romania?

Muslims in Romania after the Romanian Census, March 2002: 67 257 (Turks, Tartars, Albanians, etc.)

The tartars was the Russian name for what people?


Where did the seljuk Turks originate?

they were a tribe from the tartars

When did Genghis khan defeat the tartars?

When the indian man stroke his wanger

What fierce Mongolian warriors invaded Russia in the thirteenth century?

Mongols (tartars)

What language do the Tartars speak in The Golden Compass film?

They speak Tartan. They speak Tartan

What were the 5 invaders that moved across Europe after the fall of Rome?

Tartars, Moors, Celts, Visgoths and Vandals.

How did the mongol rule influince the economy and political structure or russia?

The Tartars were descendants of the Mongols who swept through Russia on their way to Europe. Anyway, the Tartars put heavy taxes on the Russians for three to four hundred years, and kept the economy permanently crippled, behind that of Europe. After the Tartars, Russia was still behind Europe and it never caught up, remaining a feudal country until the nineteenth century. It only had a very brief glimpse of democracy (1917,

What were the Mongols called that destroyed Kiev?

The Mongols that destroyed Kiev were called were called the Tartars. The overran the area in Ukraine in 1240 and ruled for many years.

Who were the Asiatic tribesmen that settled in Romania?

Hungarians and Gypsies (Å¢igani in the Romanian language); also some Turks and Tartars.