Where did the Tutsi live?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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The Tutsi live in Rwanda, Burundi, and the northeastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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Rwanda in Africa

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Uganda and Burundi

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Q: Where did the Tutsi live?
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What is difference between tutsi congolais and tutsi rwandais?

There is no essential difference, - they live on either side of a border created by Europeans.

What two ethnic groups live in rwanda?

Hutu and Tutsi

What is the banyamulenge?

banyamulenge are strongest tutsi people live in Democratic Repuplic Of Congo.

Who are the tutsi rebels?

The Tutsi Tribe Is an East-Central Africa Tribe Located In Rwanda and Burundi. The Hutu's are basically Tutsi slaves and do all of there work while the Tutsi get paid for it. 690,000 people in the tribe.

How were the Tutsi killed?

The conflict between the Tutsi and the Hutus was conducted mainly with machetes.

How did the Tutsi come to power in Rwanda?

The Tutsi had some power in Rwanda when in 1963, a Tutsi prime minister was chosen by the monarch. However, in later years, there was a Rwandan civil war which resulted in the death of many of the Tutsi people.

What is tutsi religion?

The Tutsi people have traditionally practiced a mix of Christianity, Islam, and indigenous beliefs. Many Tutsi converted to Christianity during colonization, while some retain elements of their indigenous beliefs. There is no single, uniform religion followed by all Tutsi individuals.

Why did the hutu and tutsi fight?

The Hutu and the Tutsi, who were in fact the same race, were separated based on their appearances by their foreign, Belgian rulers prior to the genocide. The Hutu were the majority; they where more bulky in build and had darker skin. The Tutsi were taller, with lighter skin, and they made more money. For this reason hate for the Tutsi was common among the Hutu. Prejudiced radio stations were geared toward spreading hate for the Tutsi. The Tutsi were a scapegoat, targeted by the Hutu during difficult times in Rwanda. "Poverty breeds extremism"; for this reason the Hutu were willing to believe that the Tutsi were the root of their problems.

Who were the hutus and tutsi's?


Who were the groups involved in the Rwanda?

The Hutu, Tutsi's, and Twa. The Hutu's were against the Tutsi's and tried to extinct that race/kind.

Are the Hutu and Tutsi still fighting in Rwanda?

Yes. hutu and tutsi gangs still fight in rwanda. #lovethepenis

How do you figure out if you are a Hutu or Tutsi?

To figure out if you are a Hutu or a Tutsi, you have to look at your identification card. In Rwanda and neighboring Burundi, identification cards list tribal affiliations. This includes Hutu, Tutsi, Twa, Masai, Zulu, and other tribes. You can also speak to your parents or grandparents to understand your Hutu or Tutsi roots.