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The Fathers of Confederation held three meetings to plan the new country called Canada. They met in Quebec City, Charlottetown and London, England. The act was known as the British North America Act, and brought together the provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Canada, which became the provinces of Ontario and Quebec. Other territories were added at later dates.

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Q: Where did the fathers of confederation meet to plan the new country called canada?
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Where did the Fathers of Confederation first meet to plan the new country called Canada?

the answer is

Where did the Fathers of Confederation meet to plan Canada?


Who did the Fathers of Confederation represent?

They reoresented their own colonies which were the Maritime colonies, and the Province of Canada, before 1867. After that beautiful year many other fathers joined the confederation. They also represent the country of Canada. And if you have a problem with that. I got 2 words for ya. SUCK IT. ☺

Did the natives land in Canada before the fathers of confederation?

yes they did, they were the first people here, in canada, but soon enough the fathers of confederation came, and some native tribes started to become extinct

When was Canada's Confederation?

Canada became an official country at its confederation in July 1, 1867.

How did Confederation effect Canada's Identity?

Confederation created Canada as a country instead of a British colony. Confederation meant Canada would have its own government to look after its affairs.

What was the name of the new country in confederation?


What year was Canada a country?

1867 through to present, Canada is a Confederation of Nations recognized as a country.

What was the name of the new country formed in confederation?


What is the name of Canada's Parliament?

The name of Canada's Parliament is The Fathers of Confederation.

What year was Confederation in Canada?

July 1, 1867. Canada became a recognized country.

Who were the Fathers of Confederation of Canada?

George Brown John A. McDonald Etienne Paschal Tache George Etienne Cartier