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to the river

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Q: Where did the waste go in the Tudor time?
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Did poor children in Tudor times go to school?

No, poor children did not go to school during Tudor times. During this time period very children went to school or were educated.

What did Tudor girls do in their spare time?

they would play with there friends and go to church s:)

What did Tudors do with there waste from there behinds?

The Tudor Castles usually had latrines where people could go to relieve themselves. Servants then emptied the latrines through a hole in the wall.

If poor Tudor children had lesiure time what did they do?

work and go shopping for food and lots more

Carnival is a waste of time?

Carnival is not waste of time, effort and money. Why? Because Carnival is a place where people go to have fun and enjoy themselves with friends and family. If Carnival was a waste of time, effort or money why do people go anyway?

What nicknames does Tudor Cotovelea go by?

Tudor Cotovelea goes by Spulberg.

What nicknames does Nicole Tudor go by?

Nicole Tudor goes by Nicki.

Where did Elizabeth Tudor go to school?

Elizabeth Tudor was as we would see it, home schooled. She had private tutors, who were among the best of their time. She was taught many subjects including foreign languages.

What time was after Tudor time?

the stuarts was after the tudors

What is an idiom for waste?

waste not, want not go to waste waste your time lay something to waste One man's trash is another man's treasure. He / she is wasted. (high or intoxicated)

What nicknames does Daniel Tudor Owen go by?

Daniel Tudor Owen goes by Chu.

Was the great fire of London in Tudor times?

Tudor time of great fire of london