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The word crusade is a blend of the Middle French word croisade and the Spanish word cruzada. These are both derived from the Latin word cruc-, meaning cross. The most basic translation is help the cross.

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Q: Where did the word crusade come from?
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What is the meaning of the word crusade?

A crusade refers to a vigorous campaign or movement to achieve a cause or goal, often involving intense effort or commitment. Historically, the term is also associated with the series of religious wars fought by European Christians against Muslims in the Middle Ages.

What is a sentence for the word crusade?

I am going on a crusade. I like crusades. would you like to go on a crusade with me?

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Where did the word crusade originate from?

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Is the word crusade in the Bible?

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Where did the name crusade come from?

Crusade came from the French Crusade meaning''marked by a cross'',because the warrior,peasants,stitched a red cross on their shirtsmeaning that they are fighting for God

A sentence with the word crusade?

Crusade is fancy coating for regional killings. The crusades killed millions of people.

Which is the closest synonym for the word campaign?

crusade, canvass

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Using the word crusade in a sentence?

The environmental activist led a crusade to protect the endangered species in the rainforest.

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