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History got it's name when women were not allowed to read and write. The word came from His Story.

^ No, it didn't. That is a common misconception. It came from the Greek historia, meaning "inquiry, knowledge acquired by investigation".

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Q: Where did the word history come from?
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From which word does the word history come from?

The word "history" comes from Middle English through Latin. It was originally Greek and was spelt as "historia", meaning to inquire as well as narrative and history.

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Who create history?

Everyone create dhistory. You're creating history right now with everything you do. If you mean the word history it come from the Greek iotopia, historia meaning 'Enquiry, knowldege acquired by investigation'. But you created history the second you were born.

What is the oringin of the word history?

The word History is Greek .

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Why is history called history what is the answer?

the word History can be broken up into two words his and story this is where the word history came from.

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"Kasaysayan" is the Tagalog word for history. "Kasaysayan ng Pilipinas" literally means History of the Philippines.