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Workers building the Transcontinental Railroad in places far from towns and cities lived in camps when they were not working. On average, these laborers (typically Irish and Chinese immigrants) worked 12 hours per day, 6 days per week. In the camps, workers ate, drank, gathered around the campfire, gambled, and smoked opium. It was a difficult life and a dangerous one. Winters were harsh, and a particularly bad snow storm could lead to the deaths of an entire camp full of laborers -- only to be found when the snow melted in the spring.

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Q: Where did transcontinental railroad workers live?
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What dangers did the railroad workers face when the transcontinental railroad was built?

Temperature, hygiene, hunger

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the chinese workers were not allowed to enter the country

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The builders of the Transcontinental Railroad ranged in age from the late 10's to their early 40's or 50's

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The Chinese worked mostly under the Central Pacific railroad company.

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They helped because of a food famin and needed more money.

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Yes,the Native Americans or American Indians attacked the transcontinental Railroad because since they didn't want the white workers to take over their land AGAIN,they wanted to protect their land and started to attack (rip up the railroad tracks and attack the workers)

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