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Q: Who organized the underground railroad?
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Which year was the Underground Railroad organized?


When was the underground railroad organized?

Type your answer here... the Fugitive Slave Act

In 1838 what very dangerous route to freedom was organized?

the underground railroad.

What is the fragment of this sentence The Underground Railroad organized by abolitionists was a system That aided fugitive slaves in their journey to the North of the US and Canada?

The Underground Railroad organized by abolitionists was a system. That aided fugitive slaves in their journey to the North of the United States and Canada.

What was an informal but well organized network of abolitionists that helped thousands of enslaved persons to flee north?

The Underground Railroad

Was the Underground Railroad underground?

No it is known as the underground railroad as it was hidden from sight

What is the name of the railroad that Harriet Tubman worked on?

The Underground Railroad. The Underground Railroad.

When did the Underground Railroad end?

the underground railroad started in 1816 and ended in 1856.

When did the underground railroad happen?

The underground railroad happened in the 1830

When was the Underground Railroad founded?

The Underground Railroad was started in the 1810. The Underground Railroad was responsible for helping thousands of slaves find freedom.

How did the underground railroad get spread to other countries?

There was no underground railroad in other countries. The underground railroad was not a real railroad, but one that was a series of stops that moved escaped slaves north.

Did Harriet Tubman finish the underground railroad?

No, Harriet Tubman did not create the Underground Railroad. When she fled slavery in the fall of 1849 from the Eastern Shore of Maryland, she tapped into an already highly organized, well run, Underground Railroad network of both white and black, free and enslaved people. Several dozen people fled from that region in the few years before her own escape, and she herslef was helped by someone who was probably already active in the Underground Railroad network there. Tuamn was one of the very few, however, who returned, repeatedly, so she could rescue her family and best friends. The Underground Railroad network she became part of had already helped possibly several thousand individuals over a fifty year period.