Where do Chinese dragons live?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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In the Atlantic Ocean. some have spent the night in the atlantis city.

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Q: Where do Chinese dragons live?
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How long do Chinese dragons live?

Chinese Water Dragons can live up to approximately 15 years

Can Chinese water dragons live with tokay geckos?

The Chinese water dragons cannot live with the Tokay geckos because they will feast on them.

Where do western dragons live?

they live in westen china cauz Chinese pple respect nd hounor dragons like their god

Are all dragons Chinese?

no not all dragons are Chinese

Were do dragons live?

There is no such things as a, "dragon." "Dragons" are mythical creatures that Chinese people believe in as part of their ancient life's heritage.

What do the Chinese people use the Chinese dragon for?

Unlike western dragons,the Chinese dragons represent peace and fortune.And it is believed by Chinese people that they are the heir of Chinese Dragons. So they use Chinese Dragons,or Long in Chinese,for the hope of good luck in the year.

How long do Chinese dragons that is the kind that lives for thousands of years live exactly?

Dragons don't exist, so their life span is not measurable. The only creature that is known as a dragon is the Komodo Dragon, which is nothing like the Chinese Dragons of myth.

Were Chinese dragons more powerful than European dragons?

No, European Dragons are stronger and larger than Chinese dragons but they are not the best.

How are Japanese dragons similar to Chinese dragons?

they are both dragons!

What did dragons have to do with Ancient Chinese?

The Chinese felt that dragons were powerful and used them as symbols of the Chinese emperor and family.

Why are Chinese dragons colorful?

Because they are seen as 'good dragons,' and the Chinese believed that 'good dragons' should be brightly coloured to make them more friendly.

Do Chinese dragons have wings?