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clothes and shoes

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Q: Where do the majority of French people shop now?
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How did Democratic Republicans view the French Revolution?

I don't know, that why I'm searching right now.

Who are the ancestors of the French?

As an ethnic group, the modern French descend from the Celts and a mix of northern ethnicities associated with what we now think of as Germans, most notably, the Franks.

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Why did the French settle in America?

SO they would see the beatful plants and trees here andFor a really specificof the population of France.. For information about French-speaking people around the world, see French language or Francophone.a nation or ethnic group of French descent that originated in Canada during the period of French colonization beginning in the 17th century. They came from Western and Northern areas of France, for example the Normandy and Poitou-Charentes regions they gave it to us with the Statue of Liberty back in 1776. They are the second largest ethnic group in Canada, after the English Canadians and before the Scottish. Did you know that In the following excerpt, Philippe Lemay, a French Canadian immigrant, describes how and why many French Canadians immigrated to Manchester, New Hampshire, in the 1870s and 1880s. Many of the French Canadians worked in Manchester's thriving textile industry. According to Mr. Lemay,French Canadians from the province of Quebec have worked in the mills of Manchester for a long, long time. There was one as far back as 1833, and for more than 50 years they kept on coming until now we are 35,000 strong, 40% of the entire population of the city. Ours is said to be the largest single nationality group.So they would see the beatiful plants and trees here.

What is the Real meaning and history of hello?

The word "hello" originally comes from Old French "hola!", meaning "stop, there!". And now is used to greet someone

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Where do french people shop?

Most French now shop in commercial centers and supermarkets.

What is the word shop in french?

"shop" is "boutique" or "magasin". There is also the French word "échoppe" which has the same origine as "shop", but it is rarely used now, it means a small shop or a stall or booth.

In 1980 what language was spoken by most people in Quebec?

French is spoken by the majority of people in Quebec. France once had settlements in the area which is now the Canadian province of Quebec.

Whom do French people worship?

France used to be a Roman Catholic country, but the majority of French people are now agnostic or atheist. In recent times, there have also been large immigrations of North African and other Muslims to France, making Islam a significant French Religion.

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Most of the Spanish are now urban dwellers.

Famous french people now?

colette magny

Where did the Romans shop?

in an was like a market place where people shop there i don't think thay have that now thought

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The French, the Japanese, the French the Americans...