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On the left side of the head, falling just below the hairline.

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Q: Where does a kathak dancer wear the fan-shaped ornament called jhumar or chapka?
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Was Gandhi a tap dancer?

A Ghandi Dancer was the name given to a railroad laborer who "tamped" ties during installation of a railroad. To "tamp" ties, the worker used a special flat-nosed shovel and packed the ballast (often gravel) tightly under and around the railroad ties. His continuous up and down motion made him look like a dancer.

Who was Josephin Baker?

Josephine Baker was a dancer/singer and was very famous for the famous costume bannana skirt. She would never perform in front of segregated audiences. She died of a stroke in her sleep at the age of 68.

Why did the Chinese bind there feet?

It began in the 900's because a dancer performed for the emperor with bound feet and everyone thought she was so graceful. Other dancers started to copy her. Then it started to spread through the upper class community. Peasants couldn't have bound feet because then they couldn't work efficiently. Well I don't know about that, but the way I heard that it started was through beauty: the Chinese community believed that the smaller a woman's feet were, the more beautiful she was. I believe thIs all started because of a semi-real life Cinderella story about a girl with a bad home life, that ends up marring a prince that loves her MOSTLY for her small feet that were not bound. When other people learned this, they also wanted their daughters to have small feet so that rich men would take interest In them. Thus foot binding began. What ever happened to liking a girl for her personality

When did Chinese foot binding start?

it stopped because it was a law in the Quing Dynasty that no woman under the age of 15 was allowed to have bound feet. Some women did so anyway and they were fined, beat, humilated and critisised.

What is the history of pandango oasiwas?

Pandanggo Sa Ilaw - Oasiwas *This popular dance of grace and balance comes from Lubang Island, Mindoro. The term pandanggocomes from the Spanish word fandango, which is a dance characterized by lively steps and clapping that varies in rhythm in 3/4 time. This particular pandanggo is one of the most difficult pandanggos, which involves the presence of three tinggoy, or oil lamps, balanced on the head and the back of each hand.After a good catch, fishermen of Lingayen would celebrate by drinking wine and by dancing, swinging and circling a lighted lamp. Hence, the name "Oasiwas" which in the Pangasinan dialect means "swinging." This unique and colorful dance calls for skill in balancing an oil lamp on the head while circling in each hand a lighted lamp wrapped in a porous cloth or fishnet. The waltz-style music is similar to that of Pandanggo sa Ilaw.Ang sayaw na Pandanggo sa Ilaw ay katutubo sa Lubang at Mindoro. May tatlong tinggoy ang nagsasayaw na babae. Maninimbang siya ng isang tinggoy sa ibabaw ng ulo at dalawang tinggoy sa mga kamay, pero Hindi humahawak ang daliri ng mananayaw. Para sayawin ang pandanggo sa ilaw ng mananayaw, kailangan niya ng magandang bikas at mahusay na pinambang.(Mindoro & Lingayen, Pangasinan) Pandanggo Sa Ilaw, meaning dance with lights, comes from Mindoro. This is the most difficult of all pandanggos. It is colorful and unusual; the female dancer gracefully and skillfully dances with three "tinghoy" or oil lamps - one on the head and two on the back of each hand. Oasioas, meaning, "swinging" in Pangasinan, comes from Ligayen. After a good catch, the fisherman would celebrate by swinging and circling lighted lamps wrapped in fishnet.

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