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The Queen Victoria Building is located in Sydney's CBD.

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Q: Where in Australia is the Queen Victoria building?
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When was Queen Victoria Building created?

Queen Victoria Building was created in 1898.

Who was the first queen of Australia?

The first queen of Australia was Queen Victoria.

How did the Queen Victoria Building get its name?

The building was constructed between 1893 and 1898, and was named the Queen Victoria Building to commemorate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee in 1897.

Did queen Victoria ever visit Australia?


Where is the Queen Victoria Market?

There are many places on the internet that have incorrect information about where the Queen Victoria Market is located. The actual Queen Victoria Market is located in Melbourne, Australia.

Are there any monuments in Australia named after Queen Victoria?


Did Queen Victoria agree with Australia federation?


Why is one of the deserts in Australia also named Victoria?

The Great Victoria Desert which is named for Queen Victoria.

What state in Australia is named after an English kings wife?

Victoria was named after Queen Victoria

Who is Victoria Falls named for?

Queen Victoria. There was a time when Australia was ruled by England too.

What desert in Australia is named after a monarch?

The Great Victoria Desert is named for Queen Victoria.

Why is there a desert is Australia named Victoria?

The desert is named for the British monarch, Queen Victoria.