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All of Ancient Sumer is in southeast Iraq.

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Where is sumaria on the world map today

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Q: Where is Ancient Sumer located on today's map?
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Ancient Nubia was located in what is now southern Egypt and northern Sudan. Based on the map, which of these cities would NOT have been located in ancient Nubia?

Cairo would not have been located in ancient Nubia :)

Where is Ancient Carthaginians located on an Italy map?

On the other side of the Mediterranean Sea in today's Tunisia.

Based on the map what can be determined about the Akkadian Empire?

It conquered most of the Sumer civilization's territory.

Where was ancient Egypt located?

Type your answer here... Go to ansd type this: Where is Memphis, Egypt on a map? (yes it does show all of ancient Egypt, not just Memphis.)

Where is the Black Sea located on the map of ancient Greece?

It is to the north-east of the Aegean Sea, linked to it by the strait of the Dardanelles.

Where is the Roman Empire on the Ancient Rome map?

Sure thing. I've added a link to the bottom of this answer that provides a decent map of what used to be the Roman EmpireThis map represents the boundaries that were present under the leadership of Hadrian in about 116 ADBear in mind that Roman boundaries and influence expanded and contracted throughout its history, and that at different times the map of the Roman Empire appeared very differently than the one shown here.

Where is the Tuscan Plain in an Ancient Rome map?

on a map

Where is ancient Egypt on the Bearville map on Bearville?

it is not in the map

Where can you see Sparta in Ancient Greek map?

go to google images and search ancient greek spartan map

Which ancient civilization is depicted in the above map?

Ancient Egypt..

What is the hidden text on thorin's ancient dwarven map?

Moon Runes are the hidden text on Thorin's ancient dwarven map.

A map of where cleapatra lived?

Cleopatra lived in ancient Alexandria. To see a location map and get an idea of all of ancient Egypt, click on Alexandria in your computer browser. The wikipedia entry in your select group has a map of the ancient city's location and the rest of Egypt.