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From 20◦N to 80◦N.

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Q: Where is Canada on the latitude lines?
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Why is the climate the same from the united kingdom to Canada?

Because they are on the same lines of latitude

What are The lines that intercept latitude lines on a map Are lines of what?

The lines that intercept latitude lines are lines of longitude.

Is Lines of latitude is parallel?

Lines of latitude run parallel to the Equator (which is zero latitude).

Are the lines of Capricorn and cancer lines of longitude or latitude?


What are principal lines of latitude?

whats the principal lines of latitude

What lines are parallel to the equator?

lines of latitude

What are earth's parallels called?

lines of latitude

Do lines of latitude sometimes intersect?

No, lines of latitude do not intersect.

How are lines of latitude and lines of longitute alike?

lines of latitude and lines of longitude are the same because they just are.

Are the parallel lines on a globe called longitude or latitude lines?


How many lines of latitude are on the globe?

there are 36 lines of latitude respectively

What is the latitude and longitude for Canada?

The country of Canada's latitude and longitude are 45.4000 degrees N, 75.6667 degrees W. Canada is located in North America.Canada ranges in latitude from about 41.7° north to about 83.1° north.It ranges in longitude from about 52.6° west to 141.0° west.