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The murders ocurred at 6040 Wolcott Dr., Wolcott, Kansas.

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Q: Where was the Lowell lee Andrews murders at?
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When did Lowell Lee Andrews die?

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Lowell Lee Andrews was an 18-year-old college student from Woolcott, Kansas. On Thanksgiving break in 1958, he shot and killed his father, mother, and 20-year-old sister. He rifled the house to give the appearance of a robbery-homicide. Then he dropped the guns into the river. He drove to his rooming house and spoke to several people, and then went to the movies, where he spoke to the cashier and the usher -- thus hoping to establish an alibi. Then he returned home and called the police. He stated that his motive was to inherit his father's money, a smallish estate. No one knows what set him off on that particular night. He never showed any remorse for the killings, claiming he really didn't even know why he did it. He was hanged at Leavenworth Prison in 1960. "In Cold Blood," Truman Capote's account of the Cliutter family murders in 1959 led to widespread awareness of Andrews. He was incarcerated with Perry Smith and Dick Hickock who murdered the Clutters and were hanged for their crimes in 1965.

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