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its 13th Rock edict...

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Q: Which Rock Edict of Asoka provides a description of the horrors of Kalinga War?
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When did Ashoka conquer Kalinga?

Asoka conquered Kalinga in 261 b.C.

Who did conquering kalinga help the economy of asoka's empire?

how did conquering kalinga help the economy of empire

What was the effect of kalinga war on asoka?

He adopted buddhism and ahimsa

Is it true that asoka coverted to Buddhism?

Yes, after his invasion of Kalinga.

What dress asoka used after kalinga war?

wedding dress

Kalinga war was fought between Asoka and whom?

karina kapoor

Why is asoka one of India's greatest ruler?

ashoka was stopped war after Kalinga

Asoka converted to Buddhism after?

Asoka converted to Buddhism after the war, because he was sickened by the blood of civilians in the river. Asoka converted to Buddhism after meeting Buddhist monks in a quest for finding inner peace.

What did asoka do afther his campagin against kalinga?

He became a follower of Buddhism because he felt sorrow and loss after destroying the city of Kalinga. He tried to fix his 'mistakes' by commiting himself to non-violence.

Who was against smrat Ashoka in kaling war?

The king of Kalinga country was against Asoka. His name has not been mentioned in history.

The Maurya and Gupta were empires in which Asian territory?

Northern India. After Asoka's conquest of Kalinga, the Maurya empire extended up to Mysore in the south.

What was the turning point of Asokas life?

When asoka fought the kalinga kingdom, it was a brutal battle. When he was walking on the battlefield he was touched by the bloodshed and well this is d turnin point.