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how did conquering kalinga help the economy of empire

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Q: Who did conquering kalinga help the economy of asoka's empire?
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What is asokas?

Asoka is a empire who ruled India.

What person is responible for conquering the azrec empire?

Hernan Cortez was responsible for conquering the Aztec empire. He also destroyed the entire empire, too.

What was the reason behind kalinga war?

from the time of ashokas father kalinga is the small kingdom which is not under their control they tried many atimes for it.

Who is the king of kalinga when Ashoke attacked kalinga?

The main reasons for invading Kalinga were both political and economic. Since the time of Ashoka's father, King Bindusara, the Mauryan Empire based in Magadha was following a policy of territorial expansion.

What is Alexander the great noted for?

conquering the Persian empire

How did the spanish acquire mexico for there empire?

By conquering the Aztecs

Who was credited with conquering the Aztec empire?

Hernán Cortés

Was credited with the conquering of the Aztec Empire?

Hernán Cortés

What did Alexander the Great do to extend his empire?

Alexander the Great extended his empire by conquering the Persian Empire and turning it into an empire of his own.

What did the mongols divide their empire into after conquering it?

they divided the empire into 3 catageorines dat, monter, and mon

What did Aztecs do to enlarge their empire?

conquering other cities and tribes.

Created a mighty empire by conquering neighboring cities?