Which caste guduri

Updated: 4/28/2022
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About Devangan caste in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana

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Q: Which caste guduri
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Is KOHLI caste schedule caste?

No. KOHLI belongs to khatri caste or the business caste . Khatri caste is a business caste among Punjabis. Most of khatri people have shops and are in business . However, "KOLI" caste is a schedule caste among Punjabis.

Four levels of society in religion?

In the Indian caste system, there is the priestly caste, the warrior caste, the businessman caste, and the worker caste.

Is konar caste a low caste?

Never it is a kshatriya caste

Is Achari caste a forward or backward caste?

achari is forward caste Achary belong to forward caste

Are sindhi schedule caste?

Sindhi are not schedule caste but in sindhiese there are few caste which were called depressed caste during census of 1931. now few caste among those depressed caste have status of sheduled caste and few of them are in obc .

Why is basit caste still recognized as schedule caste in the schedule of constitution when caste certificate is not issued to this caste?

Basit caste is not schedule caste, so to remove its identity as schedule caste they are now called vashisht rajput.

What level of caste is Gandhi in?

Ghandi's caste was Vaisya, a merchant caste

Is kushwaha caste a shedule caste?

No Kushwaha is not at all a schedule caste.

Which is the most superior caste in Subcontinant?

The highest caste is the Brahmin caste.

Is dhangar caste is schedules caste?

no it is yadav caste in maharasta and karnataka

Is Maurya a schedule caste?

1s maurya caste a schedule caste?

Is udayar caste forward caste in Tamil nadu?

it is a forward caste