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Ceausescu built all you can see today in Romania he was a good leader for the country,there are different speculations about the so called "Romanian Revolution" of 89' here are some of them:

-Russia was not pleased because Ceausescu was not their puppet country and with the help of Ion Iliescu they turned the goverment to their favor.

-Terrorist groups active in the country

-FAN(Frontul Apararii Nationale) wanted the power so they shoot Ceausescu

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Q: Which country was ruled by a Communist leader names Nicolae Ceausescu who led the country to economic chaos?
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Which country was ruled by a Communist leader named Nicolae Ceausescu?


What country was ruled by a Communist leader named Nicolae Ceausescu who led the country to economic chaos?

He wasn’t a Communist, he was a state capitalist dictator. Communism has no classes or government or money.

What country was nicolae ceausescu the president of?


Of which country was Nicolae Ceausescu the president?

He was president of Romania.

What country was ruled by Nicolae Ceausescu?

Socialist Romania

In which country were the communist dictators executed by protestors?

On Christmas Day, 1989 Nicolae Ceausescu, the dictator of Romania, and his wife, Elena, were executed by firing squad by the Romanian Army after a very quick trial (about two hours) in which they were both convicted of treason. The execution was filmed and the corpses were shown on national TV later that day. Joncey

This island communist country was extremely dependent on economic aid from the soviet union?


Is the tragedy of 'Antigone' like the rule in any country?

Yes, the tragedy of 'Antigone' may be likened to the real-life horrors of the rule of Nicolae Ceausescu [May 26, 1918-December 25, 1989] in Romania. Eventually, Ceausescu was overthrown by the Romanian military. He was brought to trial, and executed by a firing squad, for running the country into the ground with his dictatorial ways that brooked no opposition and that cared nothing for the pain and suffering of the valiant people in the once-beautiful Romanian nation.

Who makes economic decisions for Russia?

Putin does. He is the current dictator of Russia. It is still a communist country.

What happened to Romania after dictator Ceausescu died?

Romania become a non-communist country but the industry, agriculture, education, culture, research, health system, etc. were irreversible destroyed. Approx. 3.106 persons emigrated in other countries.

Is Gambia a communist country?

No, it isn't a communist country.

What was Romania like before nicolae came to power?

Before Nicolae Ceaușescu Romania was also a socialist country.