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Alexander II

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Q: Which czar ended serfdom and sought to build railroads and industry in an effort to modernize Russia?
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How did Catherine the Great change Russia?

She expanded serfdom.

What year was serfdom abolished in Russia?

Czar Alexander II freed the serfs in his empire in 1742. While they were freed, they were still very poor and still worked in terrible conditions.

Was Russia the last European country to abolish serfdom?

It would possibly depend upon your definition of "Serfdom", but I believe the 1917 revolution and subsequent overthrow of the Tsar effectively ended Serfdom in Russia by any definition. The pre-revolutionary Russian economy was heavily dependent on free labour, which was augmented by exiled prisoner labour. Earlier attempts at freeing the Serfs during the Romanov Dynasty ended in unpleasantness and the Serfs not being freed.

Why was russia slow to modernize?

It was decimated by barbarians until well into the 1500s. After that, Ivan the Terrible helped unite Russia and start a dynasty, but the tzars in power were some of the most oppressive monarchs in all of Europe, and serfdom was still common until almost the 20th century.

Which action contributed to the success of Lenin's communist revolution in Russia?

Lenin was relentless in his belief that because Russia was a backward peasant nation that lacked technology, industry, and the accumulated culture required for surpassing the achievements of the Western capitalist countries. He believed the fate of his revolution was dependent upon of at least one of the advanced countries to have a communist revolution and come to the aid of Russia.

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Why did Alexander ii sign the emancipation act?

to help industrialize and modernize Russia

How did Russia try to modernize and industrialize?

Created a new city to attract other culture influences

How did Catherine the Great change Russia?

She expanded serfdom.

Who helped modernize Russia in the 1600s?

Peter the Great!

When did Russia abolish slavery?

Russia abolished serfdom, which was a form of semi-feudal slavery, in 1861 under Tsar Alexander II. This decree freed over 23 million serfs and marked the end of serfdom in Russia.

What did Alexander second do to modernize Russia?

he freed the serfs

The czar principally responsible for trying to modernize Russia and make it a European-style state was?

Peter the Great was primarily responsible for attempting to modernize Russia. Peter the Great was Emperor of All Russia from 1721 to 1725.

Who set up a five year plan for the operation of the soviet union?

Joseph Stalin started five year plans to modernize Russia.

Russian Czar who worked to modernize and westernize Russia during the 17th and 18th century?

Efforts to modernize Russia in the 19th century failed to protect the country from a revolution [APEX]

Why was Russia struggling to modernize at the end of the Nineteenth Century?

Russia's leaders and nobility had resisted social change.

Did russia borrow money from France to build railroads?

yes, Russia did.

What type of reform movement occurred in Russia and what were the results?

One major reform movement that occurred in Russia was the Great Reforms, implemented by Tsar Alexander II in the mid-19th century. These reforms aimed to modernize and liberalize Russian society and included the abolition of serfdom, judicial and military reforms, and the establishment of local self-government institutions. While these reforms had some positive effects, such as freeing millions of peasants from serfdom, they also faced resistance, and ultimately failed to address the underlying social and political problems in Russia, leading to further unrest and eventually the Russian Revolution in 1917.