Why was russia slow to modernize?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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It was decimated by barbarians until well into the 1500s. After that, Ivan the Terrible helped unite Russia and start a dynasty, but the tzars in power were some of the most oppressive monarchs in all of Europe, and serfdom was still common until almost the 20th century.

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I'm still wondering the same thing, but I can give you an insight as to why it might not have so quickly : The government

You see, the Tsar of Russia simply did not do anything to help the people, so most of Russia remained peasant farms. This all changed following the October Revolution in 1917, about 10 - 15 years later Stalin enacted a Five-Year plan which would make collective farms and Industrialize the USSR

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Q: Why was russia slow to modernize?
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Why did Alexander ii sign the emancipation act?

to help industrialize and modernize Russia

Who helped modernize Russia in the 1600s?

Peter the Great!

What did Alexander second do to modernize Russia?

he freed the serfs

The czar principally responsible for trying to modernize Russia and make it a European-style state was?

Peter the Great was primarily responsible for attempting to modernize Russia. Peter the Great was Emperor of All Russia from 1721 to 1725.

Who set up a five year plan for the operation of the soviet union?

Joseph Stalin started five year plans to modernize Russia.

Russian Czar who worked to modernize and westernize Russia during the 17th and 18th century?

Efforts to modernize Russia in the 19th century failed to protect the country from a revolution [APEX]

Why was Russia struggling to modernize at the end of the Nineteenth Century?

Russia's leaders and nobility had resisted social change.

Ruler of russia who carried out social and economic reforms to modernize the country?

Peter the Great

Which czar ended serfdom and sought to build railroads and industry in an effort to modernize Russia?

Alexander II

How did absolute monarchs of Russia try to make change and modernize during the late 1600s?

so that yhu can get help with other

What was the term given to Peter the great on how he wanted to change Russia?

Peter was a czar of Russia in the late 17th century who tried to modernize Russia's government and technology. His title was Peter 1 and he was also the first emperor of Russia. He took the honorific of "Great."

Who set up a five's plan for the operations of the soviet union?

Joseph Stalin started five year plans to modernize Russia.