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Q: Which drug was blamed for draining the Chinese treasury of silver?
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Which drug that was blamed for draining the Chinese treasury of silver?


What drug was draining the Chinese treasury of silver?


Which drug was blamed for the Chinese treasury of silver?


What was the drug blamed for draining Chinese treasury of silver?

Opium, in a number of related forms, is produced from poppy flowers. Many in the Emperor's court became addicted to the drug after it was introduced to China in the Middle Ages. In the 19th century, Britain fought two wars in China that included legalizing the trade in opium.

What name means silver in Chinese?

銀 means silver in Chinese.

What is the silver content of a one ounce 1987 silver Chinese panda?

The silver content of a 1 oz Silver Chinese Panda is...1 oz of silver.

Did the treasury stike silver dollars in 1943?

No. The last silver 1 dollar coin was issued in 1935.

What did the Sherman Silver Purchase act require the US Treasury to do?

buy silver with bond that could be traded for gold

What is a silver dollar worth 1900?

The only silver dollar minted by the US Treasury in 1900 was the Morgan Dollar.

What was a law of 1878 required the treasury to include an amount of silver into the money supply of the US in the form of silver coins?

The Bland-Allison Act was an 1878 act of Congress that required the U.S. Treasury Department to buy domestic silver to resume striking silver One Dollar coins for circulation.

Was Chinese silver marked with an 85?

Chinese silver was marked with a variety of purity standards, with 85 being a common one indicating 85% silver content. This standard was commonly used in Chinese silver production.

What is silver in Chinese?