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Q: Which four slave states extended farthest north?
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What were the consequences of slave trade in Africa?

In essence, the consequences were that African Americans became imported into the United States. This slave trade also led to the evolution of the United States, and allowed it to grow, while slaves did all the work. This led to a mixture of races eventually, and to the major population of African Americans that exist today. Slave trade also seprerated the north and south, and still can bee seen to this day as more racism may exist in the southern states than up north.

What did Abraham Lincoln convince the people of the north about?

he convenced the north that slavery was wrong and that we needed to honnor our constutional rights. so there for i think he indead did show them that . or else we whould all be slave states so go lincon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What was the 2 sides of the Civil War?

The two sides of the US Civil War were the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA againsts th Confederat States of America. The Civil War was the North and South, the Yanks against the Rebs,or the United States (North) and the Confederacy (South). However, there have been other civil wars in other countries; civil war simply means a war within the boundaries of a country.

Where were the majority of African slaves sent to?

In the Transatlantic slave trade, slaves were sent to Brazil, the Caribbean islands, and the British colonies in North America, which later became the United States. The United States outlawed the importation of slaves in 1808.

How did European expansion of the slave trade affect African states between 1600 and 1700?

african states became too weak to resist the slave trade

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Why did slaves go north?

because in the north the states were slave free

How was the North involved with slavery?

First. some of the northern states were also slave states. Second, much of the slave trade and slave ships were operated by Northerners. Finally, the north purchased tobacco and cotton that were produced by slave labor.

What did southern states give up in debates over trade issues?

They had to give up the prospect of any new slave-states, and forget their dream of an extended slave empire.

How are northern and southern different?

The North were free states and the South were slave states.

What term described the slave states that remained in the union?

The slave states were known in the North as "rebel states," but are officially known collectively as the Confederate State of America.

Union means north or south during the civil war?

The Union in the American Civil War represented the free states (meaning slave-free states) plus five border slave states in the north of America. The Confederate States of America (the Confederacy) comprised the eleven southern slave states which had seceded from the United States of America.

What was the conflict with south and north during civil war?

North wanted the new states to be free states south wanted the new states to be slave states

What are the five states that suppliers of the internal slave trade?

The five states that were suppliers in the internal slave trade were Virgina, North and South Carolina, and Gerogia.

Did North Carolina and Georgia avoid slavery?

No they were both slave states.

What landmark divides the free states in the north and the slave states in the south?

Masion Dixion Line

Border states 1861?

The slave states in between the Union (North) and the Confederates (South). The slave states are: Missouri, Kentucky, Maryland, Delaware, and West Virginia (joins later).

What area of The Louisiana Purchase could not be slave?

North of the 36, 30 langitude line could not be slave states