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Expansion was limited by geographic features.

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Q: Which generalization about the maurya and gupta empires are supported?
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The Maurya and Gupta were empires in which Asian territory?

Northern India. After Asoka's conquest of Kalinga, the Maurya empire extended up to Mysore in the south.

What do the Maurya and Gupta empires have in common?

There was no such thing as a Greek Empire. As for the Renaissance, which was in a totally different historical period (the Gupta Empire existed in 4th century, while the Renaissance was in the 14th and 16th centuries), the possible similarity was cultural innovation.

What were the two major empires of ancient India?

muslim (at the time was a empire of peole) britian

What were India's first great empire?

There was a couple of first empires but two major ones were the Gupta and the Mauryan empires. Hope this helped!

Which was larger the Maurya or Gupta empire?

The Maurya Empire was larger.

Was the Maurya or gupta empire larger?

The Maurya Empire was larger.

Is nandini a wife of chandra gupta maurya?

No, chandra gupta maurya have only two wife durdhara and Helena

Who laid the foundation of Maurya dynasty?

Chandra Gupta Maurya laid the foundation of Maurya dynasty

Who was the mother of chandra gupta maurya?


Who was son of chandra gupta maurya?


What is the first Gupta emperor?

Asoka Maurya

Who was the teacher of Chandra gupta Maurya?