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Q: Which group of people came to the Bahamas because thay wanted to remain under british rule?
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Why did some area remain unexplored?

because they didn't not that there were some area that wre unexplored.

How many Germans died on Juno beach?

No records remain about the number of Germans who died in the attack on Juno Beach in June of 1944. About 360 Canadian and British soldiers died at the attack.

How did Simon Mills come to own the shipwreck Britannic?

Shipwrecks in Greek waters are usually the property of the Greek Government, but because the Britannic is an ex-warship, paid for by the British Government as the ultimate war risks insurer, this means that they effectively owned the wreck. Simon Mills is quick to state that his rights only begin when he enters the ship, and he has the right to retrieve any artifacts within Greek law, but the ship must remain where it is.

What are the differences between the French and British systems of colonial rule in Africa regarding direct and indirect rule?

They reflect the different government systems in France and Britain. France centralized, Britain decentralized. France secular and disregarding local religions. Britain assuming that local peoples have a faith. French decisions taken in Paris. Decision making taken at a lower and local level in British colonies. Imposition of the Code Civil by France. Tolerance of local laws except in the case of killing and outrageous punishments or customs (e.g. stoning,suttee) by the British. Assimilation of local elites by the French. Assumption that Africans would remain African by the British.

Why might the US have wanted to remain neutral when war enveloped Europe?

They just fought in world war I and they lost so many people and they didn't want to loose more.

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Yes,Jay's Treaty allowed British soldiers to remain on American soil until 1803,because of this,many people opposed Jay's Treaty.

Did many people oppose jays treaty because it allowed british soldiers to remain on American soil until 1803?

dicks nuff said

What do you call people who wanted to remain loyal to the british?

The people who remained loyal to Great Britain were Loyalist.

The Federalists often favored Britain because they?

Wanted to remain trade with the British. (study island)

Why did Benedict Arnold think James Lafayette would remain loyal?

Benedict Arnold thought James Lafayette would remain loyal to the British because he wanted to be free from slavery so was trustworthy to the British.

Why did some colonists want to remain British colonists?

one reason. They wanted to stay British subjects because Britain was the world's most powerful military power.

Why did some colonists want to remain British subjects?

one reason. They wanted to stay British subjects because Britain was the world's most powerful military power.

Why did Siam remain independent?

Siam remained independent because the kind of Siam kept playing the French and the British against each other.

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