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No records remain about the number of Germans who died in the attack on Juno Beach in June of 1944. About 360 Canadian and British soldiers died at the attack.

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Q: How many Germans died on Juno beach?
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How did Juno beach affect Canadian lives?

Juno beach was one of the beaches stormed by British and Canadian forces. Many casualities which affected their families in Canada

How many people died on gold beach?

The United Kingdom lost 400 man and the Germans lost more.

How many German people fought on Juno beach?

As far as i am aware no Germans fought actually on any of the beaches wether it be juno,gold,sword etc they either fought the allied advance from high emplacements or shelled the beach heads from gun emplacements situated inland ...the American army suffered a near catastrophy at Omaha beach though and the Germans failed to get any of the main landing sights as they thought the main invasion was coming from the pas du calais they even had the first ss panzer division nearby but didnt send it in

How many german deaths on sword beach on d-day?

Germany casualties were unclear for the whole day. However at least 1,000 Germans are known to have died on Sword Beach.

How many men died on Juno?

if you are talking about the movie "Juno" then, no one died in that movie. but if you are talking about something else, then ask someone else. :)

How many Germans were there on Omaha beach?

There was 7,800 Germans at Omaha Beach that defended their taking of Northern France. I hope this has helped in any way.

When soldiers were stranded on the beach in Dunkirk by the Germans in World War 2 how many died or were killed before the ships came to rescue them?

over 100

What weapons did canadians used on Juno beach?

The Canadians used a variety of weapons on Juno Beach including the M1917 Enfield rifle, Colt Model 1911 pistol, and Thompson submachine gun. They used many of the same weapons as their American counterparts.

How many Germans were killed at sword beach D-Day?


How many deaths were there on Normandy beach?

There were approximately 840 British deaths on Sword. The Germans had over 1,000 casualties, but it is unclear how many died.

How many Germans died in the Battle of Berlin and how many Britons?

5000 Germans and 200 britons

How many Canadian troops were used on D-Day?

On 6th June 1944 - Juno Beach - 21,400 Canadian troops were landed.