Is tom and bill kaulitz Chinese?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Not as far as it is known, but as I wrote regarding another related question (whether they were Asian), not all Germans look the same as Americans think they are supposed to. My father was from Germany and he had at least one relative who had the same slightly "Asiatic" eyes or exotic looks. Remember that the Germans also intermingled with Romans, Celts, Huns, and 10% of Germans even have Jewish ancestry today. There are many "looks" to Germans.

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Q: Is tom and bill kaulitz Chinese?
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Are Tom and Bill Kaulitz from Hamburg Germany?

Bill and Tom Kaulitz were born in Leipzig, Germany.

How old are bill and tom kaulitz tomorrow?

Bill and Tom Kaulitz were 21 yesterday on the 1st of September

Is tom kaulitz meaner than bill kaulitz?

Ooooh.None Of The Kaulitz Twins Are Mean..But Bill Is Seen To Be More Sensitive Than Tom..

There is a lot of info about Bill Kaulitz but what about Tom Kaulitz?

== == == == == ==

Does tom kaulitz have a middle name?

No none of them do. They are just Bill and Tom Kaulitz.

Tom Kaulitz or Bill Kaulitz is the elder brother?

Tom is the oldest. He was born 10 minutes before Bill.

What is tokio hotels tom kaulitz middle name?

Neither Bill or Tom have middle names and Bill and Tom Kaulitz are their full names.

What kind of shampoo does tom kaulitz and bill kaulitz use?

I just know that Bill Kaulitz likes Dove's mark. But for Tom we don't know anything.

Do Tom Kaulitz And Bill Kaulitz Have Any Illnesses?

Actually no, Bill and Tom Kaulitz do not have Bulimia, trust me, they need to be a lot more thin to what they are now to be BulimiaNo.

How old are tom and bill kaulitz going to be?

Bill and Tom Kaulitz will be 21 years old on the 1st of September 2010.

Is tom and bill kaulitz dead?

No, Tom and Bill Kaulitz are NOT dead. They are alive and probably enjoying life and being great!

Is Bella obsessed with tom and bill kaulitz?

yes. Bella is very obsessed with bill and tom kaulitz so WATCH OUT!