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Q: Which group was specifically concerned about the possible abuse of power by the federal government?
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How has the civil rights act of 1964 increased the power of the federal government?

The civil rights act of 1964 allowed the federal government to dictate private actions. The government could tell private businesses they had no right to exclude minorities.

How did the conservative views of government compare to the liberal views?

conservatives opposed large central government

What are the ranks in government?

There are 3 ranks in the Canadian Government, one is called the municipal government, the government takes care of in the city. The next one is called the provincial government, which the government takes care of in the province and the federal government, which the government takes care of in the country Canada.

What makes up the bottom of the pyramid illustrating the federal bureaucracy?

The bottom part, or foundation, is made up of many agencies that are the largest part of the federal government.

Why was the constitution ratified so important to history?

The primary function of a constitution is to lay out the basic structure of the government according to which the people are to be governed. It is the constitution of a country, which establishes the three main organs of the government, namely, the legislature, executive and judiciary.The constitution of a country not only defines the powers allotted to each of the three main organs, but it also significantly makes a clear demarcation of the responsibilities assigned to each of them. It effectively regulates the relationship between these organs as well as the relationship between the government and its people.Since the country’s constitution stands superior to all the laws framed within the territorial precincts of the country, any law enacted by the ruling government has to be in conformity with the concerned constitution. As such, the citizens would, in turn, be abiding by not just the law, but also working in sync with the demarcations of the constitution laid by the country.The constitution does not simply provide a recipe for an efficient government, but also deals with limitations on power. Since power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, a constitution is established to restrict the abuse of power by those who conduct governmental functions.The constitution of a particular country lays down the national goals which form the basic edifice on which the nation rests upon. For instance, the constitution of India has inscribed in it the primary facets of the nation which are democracy, socialism, secularism and national integration.A constitution, besides thrusting on the rights of the citizens of the concerned nation, also has embedded in it the duties that the citizens require to adhere to as well.

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What party was specifically concerned about the possible abuse of power by the federal government?

The Anti-Federalists

Why is chavez concerned about the growing power of the federal government?

Chavez was concerned about the growing power of the Federal Government because he is afraid it will effect his oil business.

Is it the same party in power in the federal government why why not?

The Democratic Party, is the party that is power as far as the Federal government is concerned.

Some powers are given specifically to the federal?


Who is the official leader of the federal government?

A federal government is usually led by a president. However it would depend on the legislation of the country concerned

What are powers not specifically given to the federal government by the US Constitution?

There are many powers not given to the Federal government in the Constitution. Specifically it states that any power not specifically granted to the government will be reserved for the States (interpreted as for the people).

Powers specifically given to only the federal government.?

Delegated powers

What group was concerned with the federal government having too much power?

Anti federalists

What are the articles of the constitution about?

They mostly concerned the three branches of government: federal, legislative and judiciary.

What region was most concerned about granting the federal government control over trade?

The South.

Rights exercised by federal government which are specifically authorized in the constitution?

Delegated powers

Who gets the right not specifically given to the states or federal government?

the states or their people