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Q: Why is chavez concerned about the growing power of the federal government?
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When was Dennis Chavez Federal Building created?

Dennis Chavez Federal Building was created in 1972.

Why was chavez so concerned with the rights of farmworkers?

Workers were not paid enough to feed themselves.

With which issue would Cesar Chavez be more concerned?

Bad working conditions on farms (APEX)ChickenChickenChickenChickenChicken

Which activist asked people to boycott grapes?

((apex)) Cesar Chavez kelsmo m.k. :) <3

When was Jose Chavez y Chavez born?

Jose Chavez y Chavez was born in 1851.

Why is Cesar Chavez better than Hugo Chavez?

why is Cesar chavez better than Hugo chavez

Who are the parents of Caesar Chavez?

Caesar Chavez's mother was Juana Estrada Chavez. His father was Librado Chavez.

When did Santos Chavez die?

Jose Chavez y Chavez died in 1922.

Which of the following people worked with government in the 1960s to get laws passed to help noncitizens and farm workers?

Cesar Chavez

Where does the apostrophe place to make Chavez possessive?

The apostrophe is placed before the "s" in Chavez to make it possessive. For example, "Chavez's car" indicates that the car belongs to Chavez.

What is Cesar Chavez's eight kids' names and birth dates?

Cesar Chavez's children are Fernando, Paul and Anthony Chavez; Linda Chavez Rodriguez, Sylvia Chavez Delgado, Eloise Chavez Carrillo, Anna Chavez Ybarra and Elizabeth Chavez Villarino. Linda Chavez Rodriguez was born on January 22, 1951 and passed away in 2000. She was the third of the eight children.

Who was Cesar chavez's favorite son or douaghter?

I think Cesar Chavez favorite son or goddaughter is Fernando Chavez and Linda Chavez .