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Hugo de los Reyes Chávez and Elena Frías de Chávez, the parents of Hugo Chavez were both schoolteachers.

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Q: What did Hugo Chavez' parents do for a living?
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Who is currently in power of Venezuela?

Hugo Chavez is the running president of Venezuela

Why is Cesar Chavez better than Hugo Chavez?

why is Cesar chavez better than Hugo chavez

Who is the prime minister for Venezuela?

HUGO CHAVEZ, and he is the president.

Is Hugo chavez a mason?

Hugo Chavez is not a mason. He is the leader of Venezuela.

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When and how did Hugo Chavez become the leader of Venezuela?

With the help of Caesar Chavez, Hugo Chavez conquered Venezuela.

Where is Hugo Chavez the president?

Hugo Chavez is the president of Venezuela.

Where did Hugo chavez discover oil in south America?

Hugo Chavez did not discover oil. Venezuela has been a leading oil producer for years BEFORE Chavez.

How much does Hugo chavez weigh?

No one knows exactly how much Hugo Chavez weighed but there have been reports that he possibly weighed about 500 pounds. Hugo Chavez was most known as the President of Venezuela, he died in 2013.

Who is the president of venzuela?

Hugo Chavez.

Who is in charge of Venezuela?

Hugo Chavez

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