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King Charles ! was beheaded in 1649. Edward II was murdered in Berkeley Castle. King Richard II was starved to death in Pontefract Castle. it is thought that Richard III murdered the Princes in the Tower. William Rufus (William II) was shot by an arrow in the New Forest, though this may have been accidental.

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Far, far too many.

I can't give you exact numbers but here are a few well known examples:

Anne Boleyn (techincally she wasn't Queen at the time of her death)

Kitty Howard (see above)

Charles I

Mary Queen of Scots

Marie Antoinette

Louis XV

Tsar Nicholas of Russia

Empress Alexandra

The list goes on forever :/

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Well King Louis XVI and queen Marie Antoinette of France during the French Revolution

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Q: Which kings and queens have been executed?
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