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Q: Which nation controlled the most land in africa?
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What European country controlled the MOST land in Africa by the early 20th century?

Great Britain

By the early 20th century the European country controlled the most land in Africa?

Great Britain

What nation claimed the most land along the east coast of north America?


What is Africa's most populated nation?

Africa's most populous nation is Nigeria and it is the tenth most populous nation in the world!. :)

Which is the most developed nation in Africa?

South Africa has the 22nd biggest economy in the world, and the biggest in Africa. Therefore SA is the most developing nation in Africa. south Africa is the answer to this question.

What percentage of Africa was controlled by two countries with the most territory?

The percentage of Africa that was controlled by the two countries with the most territory is 68%

Whose colony was west Africa?

In terms of land, France controlled most of it. Spain, Portugal and the United Kingdom did have sizable colonies in West Africa, though.

Which two European powers controlled the most land in Africa in 1913?

France and Britain

Which of the ancient civilizations developed an empire that controlled the most land?

Roman Empire ruled most of the known land at the time.

What European nation colonized most of Africa?

Most of West Africa was colonized by France.

What African nation is the bread basket?

Probably South Africa, because it has the most stable economy and the most exports, and is the richest nation in Africa by far.

What is most of Africa land used for?

The land of Africa is used for:many activitiesagricultureforestry