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China !

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Q: Which nation was the focus of john hays open door notes?
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What was the purpose of john hays open door notes?

To gain support from other countries for a policy of equal opportunity for trade with China

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What event almost ended John Hays open door policy for china?

Boxer Rebellion

What was John Hays clever diplomatic efforts to preserve Chinese American access to china?

Open Door Policy

Who invented the open door policy?

Secretary of State John Hays is recognized as the inventor of the open door policy to China. This allowed for the US and China to exchange goods.

John hays open door notes are closely associated with whom?

John Hayes Open Door Policy was trying to prevent China from being carved up into spheres of influence by the Russians, British, Japanese, etc... Basically was trying to get America a foothold in Chinese trade, because America was behind on getting spheres of influence, and didn't want to miss out.

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