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to help out the soldiers at the battle of monmouth she also loaded a cannon she was a very brave lady

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because some people where seriously injured

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Q: Why was Mary hays at the battle of monmouth?
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At the battle of Monmouth what nickname did Mary hays?

Molly Pitcher

At the battle of Monmouth what nickname did Mary hays take?

Molly Pitcher

Was William hays in the battle of Monmouth?

yes William hays was in the battle of monmouth

Who is Mary ludwigs hays?

a wife that took her husbands place after he was shot during the battle of monmouth

At the battle of monmouth Mary hays took the nickname of?

molly pitcher frum lil acid

What was molly kids names?

Molly Pitcher, the heroine of the Battle of Monmouth, was actually named Mary Ludwig McCauley or Mary Hays. She had one son name John Hays.

Where did Mary Ludwig hays McCauley take water to soldier?

Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley took water to soldiers by Pennsylvania Legislature in 1822. BBB333: At the battle of the Monmouth Courthouse

What battle did Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley bring water to the soldiers?

In New Jersey, June 28, 1778 at the Battle of Monmouth Courthouse

What was Mary Ludwig Hays job?

Mary Ludwig Hays was in the battle of Monmouth with her husband. She was hauling water to the weary men while her husband was in the battle. When her husband was unable to fight, she took his place.

What was Molly Pitchers dads name?

Mary Ludwig Hays is often referred to as Molly Pitcher. It is recorded that she one son, Johanes or John, with her first husband, William Hays.

What was heroine at the battle of Monmouth the court house?

That was Mary Hays McCauley, also known as Molly Pitcher, for bring pitchers of water from a nearby well to exhausted soldiers.

Who helped bring water to the so lders at the battle if monmouth?

"Molly Pitcher", who at the Battle of Monmouth is generally believed to have been a woman named Mary Ludwig Hays McCauly. "Molly Pitcher" may have been a general nickname given to any woman who carried water to soldiers during a battle.