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Q: Which of his actions does Asoka view as the best promotion of righteousness?
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Asoka is best known as the monarch of India who?

Converted to Buddhism and encouraged righteous living

Best-known Maurya emperor under whom the empire reached its greatest size?


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Was Ashoka an enlightened ruler or a ruthless conqueror?

My opinion on Asoka is that he was not a ruthless prince/leader. He was in fact very thoughtful and cared for when people was in need. Asoka was prince/ruler of the Mauryan Empire. Asoka had a serious side of him. He also had a spiritual and nature side too. He changed his religion to Buddhist and made his way to spread religious beliefs throughout the country. Asoka also sent missionaries which are groups of people that passed a royal message. Asoka was not a ruthless leader. He helped people when they were in need, sent missionaries and carved edicts on stone pillars. Asoka sent missionaries to kingdoms of southern India, to parts of Kashmir, etc. But, as Christians were to learn, old habits are not easily broken. Buddhism outside his kingdom took root only on island of Shri Lanka. With Asoka's Buddhism there was little change regarding work, taxation, class relations, government bureaucracy and village politics. His teachings were meant to strengthen association of family and existing social classes. He wanted to make up for all his chilling errors from Kalinga war so he reversed his path and forgot about the past. Asoka promises to care for his people. He promises neighboring people that they need not fear him; he will use only encouragement, not violence, to win people over. Asoka notes that he has made available fruit trees for people, as well as medical care for all people and animals. In addition, Asoka was very concerned with judicial matters. He banned punishments such as torture and death penalty. Asoka took pride in righteousness and goodwill according to Nehru. He worked hard in public business. He labored hard at self-improvement and always wanted the best for his country. He adored people's medical health. *The first of a few reasons why Asoka was a rightful ruler is because He gave gifts to the poor, he rejected the path of violence, and he consulted local communities about proper governance. it says that a monk told him [Asoka] to sit beneath the Bodhi tree, where he found enlightenment and did all these things. But he can be ruthless because he stayed on the wrong path for a very long time. Although he gave mercy and kindness to his people.

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