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The second estate in France in the 1700s.

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Q: Which of these is the best description of aristocracy?
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What is a great sentence for aristocracy?

There are those who still believe that an aristocracy is the best form of government

Best description of an aristocracy?

An aristocracy is a social class composed of individuals who hold hereditary titles or ranks, typically possessing wealth and status passed down through generations. Members of an aristocracy often wield significant political, social, and economic influence in society due to their privileged position.

What government means rule by the best?


What type of government means rule by the best?


What was the aristocracy of merit?

Rule by the best and the wisest people.

What does aristocracy mean and what type dictatorship is it?

Aristocracy is a small group of people who are perceived as superior to the common citizenry by virtue of wealth or nobility or rule of the best. The word "aristocracy" is derived from the Greek root aristos, meaning best, noblest, or most virtuous.

What is a description of the social structure of the south?

The social system in the Old South was a lot like a transplanted form of British aristocracy.

What is the term for a government ruled by a small group of noblelandowning families?

Modern depictions of aristocracy tend to regard it not as a legitimate aristocracy (rule by the best), but rather as a plutocracy (rule by the rich).

The word aristocracy means and is a type of?

rule of the best, oligarchy

Why is aristocracy good?

aristocracy if a form of government / privaleged class holding hereditary titles.

What is the best description for tissue?

The best description for tissue is to blow your nose

What is aristocracy ruled by?

Saudi Arabia is an aristocracy.