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Observation and experimentation.

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Q: Which pair of ideas were central to the scientific revolution?
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Who invented the Fibonacci sequence?

Leonardo Fibonacci wrote about recreational mathematics, some of which involved number series such as the Fibonacci series that he is credited with discovering. * * * * * It is said that he was modelling rabbit population when he came up with the sequence that now bears his name. The rules are simple: 1. Rabbits that are one year old are juveniles and do not breed. 2. Each pair of rabbits aged two or more produce a pair of rabbit each year (forever!). 3. No rabbits ever die (what?). The whole process could apply to periods shorter than a year. Year 1: One pair of rabbits aged 0. Year 2: One pair of juvenile rabbits. Year 3: One pair of mature rabbits + One pair offspring aged 0 = 2 pairs Year 4: One pair mature + One pair offspring age 0 + One pair juvenile = 3 pairs Year 5: Two pair mature + One pair offspring age 0 + One pair juvenile + one pair offspring age 0 (from the newly mature) = 5 and so on. This model is a pretty poor descriptor for a rabbit population so I suspect it is not true. But makes an interesting exercise for young minds.

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As much as the sentimental value of which you pair to it.

Would poor Victorian children wear shoes?

sometimes... usually poor Victorian families would have ONE pair of shoes which the whole family would wear E.G. they would take it in turns. If they did have a pair of their own shoes they would most probably home made.

What was the gift Nixon gave to peoples republic of china 1972?

They gave a breeding pair of Pandas, which were housed in the National Zoo in Washington, DC.

What pair of sentences best completes the diagram showing the course of the French Revolution?

the are multiple forms of this question and there are different answers if it says Louis XVI and thousands of others are arrested and executed, Napoleon declares himself emperor of France. Then the answer is (1) The National Constituent Assembly proposes a new constitution. (2) French leaders end the Reign of Terror and condemn its leader

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Which pair of ideas were central to scientific revolution?

Rate of change AND elliptical orbital paths; nee Newton & Copernicus.

Can you figure out the pair of homonyms to match each pair of ideas?


How many lone pair electrons are in ch2o?

There is 1 lone pair around the central C atom

Determining the Electron group geometry of a central atom?

EGG=(#lone pair electrons)+(# of bond pair electrons)

What literary device consists of a pair of contradictory words or ideas?


What is the atom bonded to central atom and lone pair on central atom of C2H2?

The question is not answerable. There is NO central atom in C2H2 (ethyn) and there's NO lone pair. All electrons are covalently shared in pairs: three pairs between C and C, one single pair in each C and H bond.

What is the electron pair geometry around the central atom of SeF6?

electron pair geometry: octahedral molecular geometry: octahedral

What is the electron pair geometry around the central atom of TEF6?


Why does a lone pair of electrons occupy more space on an atom?

It doesn't exactly occupy more space, but it has a different shape to a bond pair. In a bond pair we have two positive nuclei, with most of the density of the bonding electron pair between the atoms. The outer nucleus attracts the bond pair outwards from the central atom. In a lone pair there is only the central atom to attract the electrons, so they are pulled in more than the bond pair, producing a fatter, squatter shape. This means that more of the electron density is near the central atom than with a bond pair, which makes it more effective at repelling the other electron pairs. Thus there is a difference in the amount of repulsion between different sorts of pair, meaning that he angles between them are different too, in the order, from greatest to least, lone pair-lone pair, lone pair-bond pair, bond pair-bond pair.

How many lone pairs of electrons exist on the central atom in ammonia?

One lone pair. The central atom is N (nitrogen) which has 5 valence electrons. Three of them are shared with 3 hydrogen atoms, leaving 2 electrons (1 lone pair) on the N.

What is the change in bond angle down a group when central atom has lone pair?

there is repulsion between lone pair and bond pair for example in water molecule oxygen has lone pair which repells the bond pair due to this bond angle decreases simply ddue to repulsion btween lone pair to lone pair or lone pair to bond pair angle varies

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