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the southern Netherlands

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Q: Which part of the Netherlands became Belgium because of the Belgian Nationalist Revolt of 1830?
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What countries are considered western Europe?

It depends on the time period you are talking about. Western countries are usually the America's canada, and Africa. Then again it depends on what time period you are talking about because it changes if your talking middle ages, WWI WWII etc...

Why the schlieffen plan brought Britain to World War 1?

Because Germany invaded Belgium.

Why would US and Canada condemn the German attack against belgium?

The countries of the United States and Canada condemned the attack against Belgium because it was done by the Germans who were part of the allied forces. The attack was unprovoked and the Germans murdered many civilians for no reason.

Why is Germany blamed for World War 1?

ANSWER1. Germany invaded the neutral country Belgium. 2. Germany was blamed for WWI because of their "excesses" of war.

What was World War 1 fought to end?

world war one was not fought to end anything in particular. it began when a Serbian nationalist shot Archduke Ferdinand of Austria. this caused Austria-Hungary to declare war on Serbia. Russia, which was allied with Serbia, entered the war, and Germany, allied with Austria-Hungary, also entered. France, which was allied with Russia, declared war on Germany. Italy, allied with Germany, entered the war, and Germany marched through Belgium in order to invade France. Britain, allied with Belgium, declared war on Germany and it's allies, and so forth until the participants extended the world over. the US entered the war because of Germany's use of unrestricted U-boat, or submarine, warfare against neutral nation's merchant fleets.

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Which part of the Netherlands became Belgium because the Belgian Nationalist Revolt in1830?

The Southern part: Wallonia, Flanders (what is now West and East Flanders province), Antwerp and (Belgian) Brabant. The Belgian part of Limbourg (in the east of Belgium) became part of Belgium 9 years later.

How was Belgium founded?

Belgium exits Because Spain didn't want to lose the 17 Netherlands in a revolt and invaded the place. The Current Belgian-Dutch border is where the Dutch stopped the Spanish. Belgium became independent because Belgium wanted to.

Why does Belgium exist?

Belgium exits Because Spain didn't want to lose the 17 Netherlands in a revolt and invaded the place. The Current Belgian-Dutch border is where the Dutch stopped the Spanish. Belgium became independent because Belgium wanted to.

What is Belgium in France?

During WWI you had two Belgium's: Belgium in Belgium and Belgium in exile. This was because the huge amount of Belgian refugees

Why do they call Belgium people buffalo's?

Because they are fat Belgian badgered. -Montie Python

Which neighbouring country is the nearest to Belgium?

Belgium shares land borders with Germany, Luxembourg, France and the Netherlands. There are - because they touch Belgium - all equally "near" to Belgium.

Can a belgian apply for dual citizenship?

It absolutely depends on which country are you applying to become a citizen of. Because some countries do not allow dual citizenship, so, you'll have to give up your Belgian nationality based on their request. Moreover, Belgium does not allow you to retain dual nationality if you want to become a citizen of some countries such as the Netherlands, Korean Republic, and Japan.

Why is Belgium separated into flanders and wallonia?

Because Belgium is formed in 1830 by different provinces of Southern Netherlands. And in the most southern ones people speak French and formed together Wallonia. The northern part, these days known as Flanders, is formed by West and East Flanders, Brabant, Antwerp and Belgian Limburg. Historically Flanders was the part in the west (the current provences West and East flanders of Belgium) + Zeeuws Vlaanderen (South-West of current Netherlands) + French-Flanders (north-west of France).

What are bordering countries of Belgium?

The bodering countries are the Netherlands, France, Luxembourg and Germany.Although the United Kingdom isn't really bordering because it's an island, the UK is also one of Belgium's neighbouring countries.

How many countries border the Netherlands?

Three: Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium. There is even a tri-border point where the borders of Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands all come together. Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg althogehter are sometimes abbrevated to Benelux. This is mainly because of the language similarities (Dutch is also a official langue in Belgium along French) since all the countries are independent states.

Why did Great Britain declare war against Germany?

Because German troops had crossed the border into Belgium, contravening a longstanding treaty that guaranteed Belgian neutrality.

Why did Germany invade Belgium in World War 1 what happen in the response to this?

The Germans invaded Belgium because they thought it would go faster. At that time no-one could imagine a Belgian defending his home. Then as a result Belgium called the other two guarantee-powers to help, France and the UK. These two nations did not immediately help Belgium. France could not resist the glamor of regaining Alsace-Lorraine and the UK poured it's troops in France, instead of Belgium and kept them there until the Belgian army was at breaking point and had retreated in Namur and Antwerp.