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Q: Which people lived in fear of the KGB?
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Who lived in fear of KGB?

The KGB was the secret service agency of the former Soviet Union. It's task was to gather information which was considered to be a threat to Soviet security. In other words, the members of KGB were spies,and functioned both domestically and internationally. Other nations had reason to fear the KGB because it sought to gather secrets during the Cold War period. Soviet citizens had reason to fear the KGB because it recruited ordinary Soviets to spy on family, friends, neighbours and colleagues. Many nations have an intelligence gathering (spy) agency for both international and domestic purposes.

Who lives in fear of the KGB?

My dad cause it's the credit crunch

Who were afraid of the KGB?

Russian people

During the postwar mccathy era many people lived in fear of?


Which people feared the KGB?

The White Russians.

How many people did the KGB kill?


How the people lived in the Philippines during world war 2?

they live a life of fear

Why were greek animals killed for the gods?

As a sacrifice, because the people lived with fear of the gods

How has the KGB evolved since it was first created?

The KGB is Russia's secret police organization created in 1917. In the beginning, the KGB was under control of the People's commission of the USSR. In 1991, the KGB was dissolved, and the foreign intelligence committee assumed duties.

Why did south carolina's colonists live in fear of a slave revolt?

They lived in fear because rights were taken away from black people in Virginia. The slave owners would get scared of them causing a revolt......

What does KGB stand for-?

In Russian KGB means Komitjet Gosudarstvjennoj Bjezopasnosti, translated this means Committee for State Security

When was KGB-FM created?

KGB-FM was created in 1950.