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Q: Which present-day regions of the US make up most of the Spanish borderlands?
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Why did King Carlos the Third send the Marques de Rubi to report on the Spanish border provinces?

He needed info on the area before deciding what changes to make.

Who where the First indo-european people to make use of iron?

According the archaeologists, the Hittites were the first to make widespread use of iron. This information was gathered through exploration in the regions of ancient Chaldea and Assyria, which contained relics from as early as 3000 BC. The primary use at that time consisted of weapons, such as daggers and spears.

Country that controlled the trade route around Africa to the indies?

No single country controlled it but the Portuguese were the first to make it around the Africa. So they had "control" for a while but the Dutch, British, and Spanish all Tried to get into it with the Dutch being the most successful.

What two European countries that make up the history of Latin America?

Spain and Portugal. The legacy is that whole od the Americas , south of the USA/Mexico border is Spanish speaking, except for Brazil ,which is Portuguese speaking.

What is an emcomienda?

First of all you misspelled it, encomienda, this was the way the Spanish crown gave land to the emigration from Spain came to Mexico, it was a way to secure land and make it productive in Mexico in the Vice royalty times ( 1521-1821) the Spanish settlers were took land and they claimed the people in a servant way but had to convert the people into Christianity, they could not be considered slaves but servants which is different people could not be bought or sold in the New Spain.

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Three reasons why the spanish located their missions where they did?

To protect the borderlands, to convert to Catholicism, and to make settlements.

How did the Spanish settlements in the borderlands change the lives of the Indians living there?

they had to make there own things and take over there homes

What building do you go to in borderlands to make your weapon?

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In borderlands does the company atlas make smgs?

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Does anyone have a modded scavenger mod in borderlands?

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What type of relationship existed between the Spanish and Native Americans living in North American?

The arrival of Spanish settlers had a great impact on the natives of the borderlands. The Pueblo people learned from the Spanish how to use new tools, grow new food, and raise sheep for wool. In turn, the Indians introduced the Spanish to new techniques for growing crops in the desert soil. Some Native Americans even converted to the Catholic faith.

What does polla mean in spanish?

"Polla" has different meanings depending on the context in Spanish. It can refer to a rooster, the male genitalia (considered a vulgar term in some regions), or used colloquially to express disbelief or irritation. Make sure to use it appropriately depending on the situation.

When I open up Borderlands 2 it keeps crashing. I'm on a mac.?

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How do regions solve the problem of a lack of resources?

By trading with other regions to make more goods available.

How many regions make up the us?

The United States is typically divided into four main regions: Northeast, Midwest, South, and West. These regions are defined by geographic, cultural, and historical differences.

What languages make up the romance languages?

The Romance languages are a group of languages that evolved from Latin, including Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Romanian, and others. They are spoken in regions formerly under the Roman Empire's influence.