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Q: Which product did Portuguese explorers bring back from Africa to Europe?
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What has the author Sidney R Welch written?

Sidney R. Welch has written: 'Portuguese and Dutch in South Africa, 1641-1806' -- subject(s): Portuguese, History, Dutch 'Europe's discovery of South Africa' -- subject(s): Discoveries in geography, Discovery and exploration, Explorers, Portuguese, History, Portuguese, Portuguese Explorers 'Portuguese rule and Spanish crown in South Africa, 1581-1640' -- subject(s): Portuguese, Ethnology, Missions

What did Portuguese explorers contribute to the rest of Europe?

Discovering and mapping the coasts of Africa, Asia and Brazil, in what become known as the Age of Discovery.

How could explorers sailing west from Europe have reached Asia?


What did the Portuguese explores accomplish?

Portuguese explorers established trade routes to Asia, particularly in the Indian Ocean region, and brought back valuable goods like spices and silks to Europe. They also discovered and colonized territories in Africa, Asia, and the Americas, leading to the spread of Portuguese culture and influence in those regions.

What country sponsored explorers that carried goods from Europe to trade with West Africa?

I think its portugal...

In which continent Portuguese locate?

Portuguese is located mainly in Europe, particularly in Portugal. Portuguese is also spoken in various countries in Africa, Asia, and the Americas due to Portugal's history of exploration and colonization.

Why were explorers searching for the northwest passage?

To get from Europe to India and China instead of going around the bottom of Africa.

How did Europe's relationship with Africa change after 1500?

Because the portuguese started to explore the area

Continent from which the explorers came?

The explorers came from Europe.

How did the explorers contribute to the development of Europe?

how did explorers contribute to the development of europe

Portuguese and spanish are the languages spoken on what continent?

Portuguese and Spanish are spoken in Europe, South America, and parts of Africa.

Where did the word teak come from?

Teak is a Malaysian tree known as Tekka. The name came to Europe by way of the early Portuguese explorers who called the timber 'teca'